The Cartwheel Project - What´s Trending - Episode 1

What is "TCP What´s Trending?"

In our "What´s Trending" series we want to keep you in the loop of what´s going on in street wear. We are meeting up with leading street wear influencers and fashion killers of our generation to share their opinion on the latest streetwear "do´s and don´ts". These updates should give you a nice and clean overview on menswear fashion trends and different streetwear styles. Use this series as a source of inspiration and step up your outfits. Can´t wait to see your styles.

Martin and Marvin from Berlin

This month we met Marvin and Martin Dvorak in Berlin. The twins are originally from Mannheim Germany but moved to Berlin a while ago. They are really stepping up the game and are starting to grab big Menswear Campaigns by brands such as Alpha Industries and the UKs Fashion Store "Topman". Next to these big names we were lucky enough to meet them in Berlin and take pictures of our College T-Shirts with them. Super cool dudes from head to toe! You should follow them on Instagram and take a look what they are up to.


Marvin´s Thing right now

We took Marvin aside for a moment to ask him about his latest styling tip. He said he is completely into mixing different patterns. Such as stripes with squares or stripes in different directions. If you like you can even wear two shirts on top. As long as you are comfortable and you own it, you will be rocking a dope ass outfit. SO BREAK IT UP!

Marvin also mentions the Spanish fashion brand "Loewe" for really catching up on this idea. Here are a few examples of their new menswear collection:

Loewe JacketLoewe ShirtLoewe Jacket 2

 Check out their store for more: Loewe Store

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