The Cartwheel Project JOURNEY - Set Up a Business System 2

A New Office

After a few appointments and visits in several offices around Reutlingen, we found a perfect fit. We are proud to say, that for the first time in TCP history we are now able to operate from a space separated to the stock room. This new office space will provide opportunity to a chain of events. Getting new employees to work in this office with us is definitely one of them. Cheers to that!

Rider Hoodie Pt. 2

After mentioning troubles with the rider Hoodie in the last episode, we have faced a new challenge. A sizing issue. I was up all night, to finally fix the problem and ensure perfect fits from Girl Size to Large. Unfortunately the release date will have to be November though. However testing the Hoodies popularity on the new "Instagram Story" "Voting" feature, got all of our juices running. Your feedbacks were a blast. We had about 600 people wanting the yellow one and over 1000 people looking forward to rocking the black Rider Hoodie. That really got us going! - Can´t wait to drop that thang on you guys ASAP - Thank you so much.

The Importance of a Business System

As usual I also wanted to give you something to think about. Whether you are planning on starting your own business yourself or you are working in a business already, I thought I´d share one of my key learnings so far. A system is the heart and sole of your project. It is the blueprint for the machine that you are building and will allow you to work on your business and not only in your business. It is the documentation of the tasks need to be performed in order to keep your daily business running. Once you have this system automatically running, you can focus on the parts of your business that are important for growth. You can start becoming innovative and leading your project in the right direction. Get caught up in the daily routine as a leader and your business will die. So build your machine and lead it. Learn from my mistakes and start on a different level whatever it is that you are doing. Set that lady up for scale.

What´s next?

We are already working on the next episode and would like to have your feedback. Would you like me to keep including key learnings and mistakes that I have made? Just let us know in the comments or by email. Also we are now starting to plan the drop of the Rider Hoodie. Which we will show you next week. Stay tuned.



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