The Cartwheel Project JOURNEY - Rising of a Streetwear Brand 1

What is The Cartwheel Project JOURNEY?

After almost 4 years in the international street wear market the brand "The Cartwheel Project" wants to take it to the next level. It has been a time of huge ups and downs, successes and struggles. Making money and losing money was taking turns based on good and bad business decisions. We have now found a way to stay profitable and are on a road of steady growth. However we are pushing boundaries every day, to take the brand to the top. In this weekly series we are taking you on this journey with us. 

We are working on new Software

As shown in the Video I went to my dad´s house in the morning. He is the one developing the main software needed to run the business. After he has built a program named stock control, which we used to keep track of our inventory and sales, he is currently working on a new project for us. If you are a customer you may know that we are sending out thank you letters after your purchase. To keep track of these letters and manage the due dates for operation, we are in need of this new kind of individually developed CRM software.

Trouble with the Rider Hoodie

In the second part of the video I am calling one of the manufacturers in Turkey to take care of production issues of the new Rider Hoodie which is scheduled for October 17. We are super short on time and are concerned to not hit the drop date. At the moment there is an issue with the white stripe on the side, since it could turn grey while washing together with the black body of the hoodie. We know how to fix this problem, however we might not hit the drop date as planned.

New Head Office in Reutlingen

After having worked from the "Neckartenzlingen Office" which basically was the house I grew up in, we are now able to afford a new "real" office. As explained in the end of the video I am hitting up real estate agents to get appointments looking at potential office spaces in Reutlingen (Germany). We have some appointments coming up, which will definitely be a part of the next episodes.

What´s next?

How will we solve the hoodie Issue? - will there be a delay for the drop? How will it sell? What products are we designing to keep you warm this winter? Will we find a new office that we can afford? How is the new software running? Will we be hiring end of the year?...

Stay tuned and keep up, we want you to know exactly what is going on behind the curtains.



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