How to create the Erik Forsgren Filter for your Instagram Pictures

Who is Erik Forsgren?

In this special episode of the TCP What´s Trending Series we want to inspire you by Erik Forsgren´s Instagram feed and show you how to get his look to your Instagram pictures. Erik Forsgren is a Swedish Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. He runs the website "The Northern Man" where he shows off his outfits and writes about his recent travels. You really need to check out his Instagram @Erik.Forsgren. We are fascinated by the amazing photos he creates and felt super inspired by his appearance. This is why we couldn´t help ourselves but to find out how he edits his pictures. So we did! Here is how you can create the Erik Forsgren Instagram filter.

What you need

To get started, all you need is a smartphone and internet access. Whether you are operating on iOS or Android you need to download and install the Adobe Lightroom App for free. Here is the direct link:

Lightroom for your iPhone

Lightroom for Android


How to create the Erik Forsgren Filter


Now let´s get down to business. In order to create the Erik Forsgren Filter for your Instagram pictures you need to follow these main steps:

1. Bring up the Contrast

2. Lower the Saturation

3. Boost the Red and Orange tones by raising the Saturation and lowering their Luminance a litte

4. Boost the Clarity

To know exactly how to create the look just watch our video above. Have fun playing around with it and adding your own touch to our interpretation of the Erik Forsgren Instagram Filter. Can´t wait to see what you come up with.

Here is an example of our before and after result.

Men Street Wear Look Before  Men Street Wear After




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